special needs

Poughkidsie is proud to welcome all children at all times. Please see below for detailed information about our facility, along with specific details for those with special needs.

If you have any questions or if your family requires additional accommodations, please call us any time!


We have three gender-neutral family bathrooms, all with changing tables and potty seats.

Two of our bathrooms are completely ADA-compliant with handrails.

Bathrooms are equipped with electric hand-dryers; if your child dislikes the noise, paper towels are always available at the front desk.

Quiet space

Easily located off of a main hallway is the Quiet Room. This single-family space is a small room equipped with a padded changing table, a rocking chair, and gentle lighting.

Coffee Studio

We have a small café area with snacks and beverages available for purchase. Examples include:

  • Goldfish crackers
  • String cheese and BabyBel cheese
  • Gluten free chips and other snacks
  • Gluten free baked goods from Meredith's Bread
  • Coffee ground and hand-pressed to order, beans by North River Roasters of Poughkeepsie

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to Poughkidsie, but we cannot allow any peanuts or peanut products in our facility.

There are four tables available to sit and enjoy a snack, located between the Village and The Create Workspace.

The Village

The Village is meant to evoke a Main Street feeling, but one in which all the "stores" (individual rooms) are child-sized. The contents of the Village are best summarized by room:

  • Diner: play kitchen with table and counter seating, pretend food and equipment, cash register.
  • Playhouse: puppets, costumes, musical instruments. If your child is noise-sensitive, please be aware that the musical instruments include a small piano, a small plastic drum, and a tambourine.
  • Bank branch: chalkboard with chalk and magnets, teller stations, felt board, books, chairs.
  • Tiny House: baby dolls, play laundry, workbench, and lawn care for our Astroturf yard.
  • Architect: Mega Blocks and table, Tegu blocks and table, cardboard and/or foam building blocks.
  • Doctor: Exam table, x-ray light display, stuffed animals and dolls, strollers, books. If your child is light-sensitive, please be aware that the x-ray display is bright and can be turned on and off with a flip-switch.
  • Farmers' Market: Wooden fruits, vegetables, and eggs for color-sorting and collecting, hop-scotch, hula hoops, ride-on cars (Cozy Coupes), foam climber for pre-walkers, and a small 4-step climber and slide.

There are three means of entrance/exit in the Village: a swinging picket gate (main entrance) accessed from the front desk area, a back door off of the Farmers' Market leading to the Quiet Room and bathrooms, and a gated stairway off of the Farmer's Market leading to a private party room.

There are benches placed throughout the Village for adult and/or child resting.

Shoes and bare feet are not allowed in the Village, so socks are required for both children and adults. If your child is uncomfortable taking off his/her shoes, please bring slippers or shoe covers; both of these alternatives are completely acceptable.

There is music playing overhead in the Village through a stereo system. If your child dislikes the music, please ask at the front desk to borrow a pair of children's noise-cancelling earphones. We have two available, and you are welcome to bring your own as well.

There is overhead fluorescent lighting throughout the space and there are decorative string lights overhead. Decorative storefront lighting is on the front of each "store." There is also limited natural light in the space through transom windows in one wall.

The Create Workspace

The Create Workspace is a place for painting and crafting. There are generally between 60 and 75 projects on the shelf to choose from and an assortment of buttons, stickers, beads, paints, etc. available for decorating each project.

If your child finds the selection on the shelves overwhelming but might enjoy crafting, we are happy to set up a table with a small selection of materials for his/her use. We can place a screen next to the table to limit the visual stimuli.

There are two means of entrance/exit in The Create Workspace: the main door is accessed from the front desk area, and a second glass door leads into a private party room.

There is acoustic music playing overhead through a stereo system. If your child dislikes the music, please ask at the front desk for a pair of children's noise-cancelling earphones. We have two available, and you are welcome to bring your own as well.

There is overhead fluorescent lighting throughout the space. There is also natural light through large windows at one end of The Create Workspace.


There is a coat closet available to hang any coats or bags.

Our main entrance is at 50 Springside Avenue, off of our parking lot. There are 4 steps down into the space from this entrance, and staff is always available to assist with strollers down the stairs.

Our accessible entrance is at 25 Van Wagner Avenue, and there is handicapped parking available at that entrance.

The Village and The Create Workspace are all on one floor with no stairs between.

There are large windows in the wall between the Village and The Create Workspace so that parents can allow multiple children to enjoy the different spaces simultaneously.

Our staff members have undergone Autism Supportive Environment training provided by the Anderson Center for Autism.

Two pairs of children's noise-cancelling earphones are available to borrow from the front desk.

Sensory aids can be borrowed from the front desk, including squishy balls, string beads, and other textured items.

Hand sanitizer is available at the main entrance of the Village (above the picket gate).