about us

Poughkidsie is completely and totally a family creation. As parents of two children at different ages and stages, we are always on the lookout for places we can go as a family where both of our children are entertained and safe. Our goal with Poughkidsie and The Create Workspace is to create a space in which all members of a family can find something they'd like to do. Additionally, interior windows throughout our space create lots of visibility; parents can watch their child playing in the Poughkidsie Village while also keeping an eye on their child painting in The Create Workspace.

We believe that imaginative and creative outlets are crucial for all people. As a certified teacher in New York State, owner Stacey was witness to changes in education that resulted in reduced time for art and creative thinking in schools. It seemed more important than ever to be sure that children (and adults!) have opportunities to stretch their brains and creative muscles outside of school hours. Our family created Poughkidsie and The Create Workspace to offer families a fun and creative environment in which all family members can explore, imagine, and create...together.